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  • Sunday School: 9:30
  • (No Sunday School July/Aug)
  • Morning Worship: 10:30am
  • Evening Service: 6:30pm
  • New Beginnings


    I know you can feel it. I do. Winter is over. Spring has arrived and it is here to stay. Flowers are blooming, people are out walking, the bikes are out and  you can occasionally walk outside without a coat and mitts! When you walk outside you are taking deep breathes instead of trying to tuck your head into your jacket like a frightened turtle. New life is all around and with it comes hope for warmer, better days.

    What you are experiencing physically can only reach so deep. Maybe you have been experiencing a “winter” of the soul. Feeling empty, hungry for something but not sure what it is. Wondering if there is something more. Warm weather can only improve the situation a little. Jesus Christ can bring new life to your soul. New life in Christ is not just some Christian jargon, there is real change that comes to a person’s life that has come to know Jesus Christ as Lord. Want to know more? Contact one of our Pastors, or join us this Sunday or Wednesday to learn more about what new life in Jesus Christ  means.


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